SilverHawks: The Classic Cartoon Series

SilverHawks: If you grew up in the 1980s, you may remember the animated television series SilverHawks. Created by Rankin/Bass Productions and distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures, the show aired from 1986 to 1987 and followed the adventures of a team of space-based heroes fighting against the evil Mon*Star and his minions. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the world of SilverHawks, including its history, characters, and lasting legacy.

History of SilverHawks

SilverHawks was created in response to the popularity of another Rankin/Bass show, ThunderCats. The series was developed by Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass, who also produced ThunderCats, and featured similar themes of futuristic technology, cosmic battles, and heroic characters.

The show premiered in 1986 and aired for a total of 65 episodes over one season. The episodes were released in syndication and later on DVD, earning a new generation of fans who were captivated by the show’s unique blend of action, adventure, and science fiction.

Characters of SilverHawks

The main characters of SilverHawks were a team of heroes known as the SilverHawks. They were a group of humanoid warriors with metal bodies that allowed them to fly through space and fight against evil. The team consisted of the following members:

  1. Commander Stargazer – the leader of the SilverHawks who communicates with them from the Hawk Haven, their headquarters.
  2. Quicksilver – the team’s fast and agile member who can fly at incredible speeds.
  3. Bluegrass – a Southern cowboy who can play music that has the power to distract his enemies.
  4. Steelheart – the team’s female member who can control metal objects.
  5. Copper Kidd – a young member who can communicate with animals.
  6. The Twins – two identical brothers who can merge into a single, more powerful form.
  7. Hotwing – a hawk who can transform into a human form and also serves as the team’s mode of transportation.

Aside from the SilverHawks, the show also featured a cast of villains led by Mon*Star, a space pirate who sought to rule the galaxy. Other notable villains include:

  1. Buzz-Saw – a robot with a saw blade for a head.
  2. Mo-Lec-U-Lar – a shapeshifting villain who can change his form and size.
  3. Hardware – a cyborg with powerful weapons.

The villains of SilverHawks are a ruthless and dangerous group led by the evil Mon*Star. They serve as the main antagonists of the series, constantly battling against the heroic SilverHawks in epic space battles and dangerous missions.

MonStar is the leader of the villains and a powerful mob boss from the planet of Mobius. He has a personal vendetta against the SilverHawks and will stop at nothing to defeat them and take over the galaxy. MonStar possesses incredible strength and durability, as well as the ability to transform into a giant armored monster. His ultimate goal is to obtain the powerful “Moonstar” crystal, which he believes will give him unlimited power and control over the galaxy.

Joining MonStar are his minions, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Buzz-Saw is a cyborg with a chainsaw blade for a hand and a bad attitude. Windhammer is a humanoid bird with the power to control the winds and create devastating storms. Mo-Lec-U-Lar is a shape-shifting alien who can transform into any form he desires. Poker-Face is a lizard-like creature with the ability to project illusions and deceive his enemies. Yes-Man is a robotic lackey who always agrees with MonStar, no matter what.

Together, Mon*Star and his gang pose a formidable threat to the SilverHawks and the galaxy at large. They are constantly devising new schemes and tactics to defeat the heroes and achieve their goals. However, the SilverHawks are equally determined to stop them and protect the innocent.

The villains of SilverHawks are memorable and unique, with their own distinct personalities and abilities. They serve as worthy opponents to the heroic SilverHawks, and their battles are some of the most thrilling and exciting moments of the series. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi or action-adventure, the villains of SilverHawks are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Legacy of SilverHawks

Despite lasting only one season, SilverHawks left a lasting impression on viewers and has remained a cult classic to this day. The show’s unique blend of science fiction and western themes, along with its memorable characters and storylines, have earned it a devoted fan base.

In recent years, there have been rumors of a possible reboot of the series, with several production companies expressing interest in bringing the show back to television. While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans remain hopeful that a new generation will be able to experience the adventures of the SilverHawks.


SilverHawks may have only aired for one season, but its impact on pop culture has endured for over three decades. With its memorable characters, thrilling storylines, and unique blend of science fiction and western themes. SilverHawks remains a beloved animated series from the 1980s that has stood the test of time. Its unique blend of western and sci-fi themes, along with its memorable characters and epic space battles, has captivated audiences for decades and inspired a dedicated fan following.

The SilverHawks legacy is still alive and well, inspiring new generations of admirers, thanks to a new animated series and live-action movie that are currently in production. Its effect on pop culture and on upcoming sci-fi and superhero shows is proof of its enduring appeal and originality.

SilverHawks is an essential series to watch if you enjoy old-school science fiction and action-packed animated adventures because it will transport you on a grand galactic adventure. So, assemble your loved ones and get ready to fight alongside the SilverHawks in the fight against evil!

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