Chicken Run 2

Chicken Run 2 – An Un Offical Story

Chicken Run 2: This post is just for fun & this is not from the makers of Chicken Run.. This story is mine. So we are about to go!


As the story of “Chicken Run” ended with the chickens escaping the Tweedy’s farm, “Chicken Run 2” will continue the story with the chickens facing new challenges and adventures. The movie will be set a few years after the events of the first movie.

The story will start with the chickens living happily on a farm, but their peaceful life is disrupted when a new owner takes over the farm. The new owner, Mr. Craven, is a ruthless businessman who sees the chickens as a source of profit. He plans to turn the farm into a factory farm and sell the chickens to fast-food restaurants.

The chickens soon discover Mr. Craven’s plan and decide to escape from the farm. However, they face a new obstacle in the form of a pack of wild dogs that roam the countryside. The dogs are led by a fierce and cunning alpha dog, who is determined to capture the chickens and take over the farm.

To escape from the farm and the dogs, the chickens need a new plan. They decide to seek help from their old friend Rocky, who is now a famous rooster in the city. Rocky agrees to help the chickens and comes up with a plan to distract the dogs while the chickens make their escape.

With Rocky’s help, the chickens manage to escape from the farm and the dogs. However, their journey is far from over. They soon discover that Mr. Craven has hired a team of expert chicken hunters to capture them and bring them back to the farm.

The chicken hunters are led by a ruthless and cunning woman named Miranda. Miranda is a skilled hunter who has never failed to capture her prey. She is determined to capture the chickens and prove her worth to Mr. Craven.

The chickens are now on the run from both the dogs and the chicken hunters. They must use all their wits and skills to evade capture and find a new home. Along the way, they meet new characters, including a group of friendly birds who offer to help them.

As the chickens journey through the countryside, they face many challenges and obstacles. They must cross treacherous rivers, navigate dense forests, and evade dangerous predators. But with their determination and teamwork, they manage to overcome every obstacle.

The climax of the movie takes place in a dramatic showdown between the chickens and the chicken hunters. The chickens use their intelligence and cunning to outwit the hunters and escape once again.

In the end, the chickens find a new home in a beautiful valley, where they can live in peace and harmony. The movie ends with a happy and satisfying conclusion, with the chickens living happily ever after.

“Chicken Run 2” will be a thrilling and entertaining movie that combines action, adventure, and humor. The new characters and storyline will add more drama, horror, and suspense to the movie, making it a new blockbuster in Hollywood. The stop motion animation will bring the characters to life and create a visually stunning movie that the whole family can enjoy.

The scenes & the dailogue with the music

Scene 1: Title Sequence: The camera pans over a peaceful farm landscape, showing a group of happy chickens pecking the ground, and then cuts to the title of the movie: Chicken Run 2. The music is a cheerful, upbeat tune with banjos and fiddles.

Scene 2: Interior of the chicken coop. Ginger (voice by Julia Sawalha) is talking to the other chickens. Ginger: “I don’t trust the new owner. He looks like a shifty character.” Babs (voice by Jane Horrocks): “Maybe he’s not so bad. He looks rich. Maybe he’ll buy us some more treats.” Mac (voice by Nick Park): “Don’t be ridiculous. He’s going to use us for profit.” The music is a tense melody with violins.

Scene 3: Mr. Craven (voice by Mark Strong) arrives at the farm and inspects the chickens. Mr. Craven: “These chickens will make me rich. I’ll turn this farm into a factory farm and sell their meat to fast-food restaurants.” The music is a dark and ominous tune with percussion.

Scene 4: The chickens overhear Mr. Craven’s plan and panic. Ginger: “We have to escape before it’s too late.” Rocky (voice by Mel Gibson) suddenly arrives on the farm. Rocky: “What’s the matter, ladies? Need some help?” The music is a heroic tune with trumpets.

Scene 5: Ginger explains the situation to Rocky and asks for his help. Rocky: “I’m always ready for a good adventure. Let’s do this!” The music is an adventurous tune with strings and horns.

Scene 6: The chickens start preparing for their escape, while Mr. Craven and his workers start building the factory farm. The music is a tense and urgent melody with drums.

Scene 7: The chickens execute their plan and distract the dogs, while they make their escape. The dogs are confused and barking, and the music is a fast-paced tune with acoustic guitars and drums.

Scene 8: The chickens are on the run and face new challenges, including crossing a dangerous river and navigating a dense forest. The music is an adventurous and suspenseful tune with flutes and strings.

Scene 9: Miranda (voice by Helen Mirren) is introduced, as the leader of the chicken hunters hired by Mr. Craven. The music is a villainous tune with ominous percussion.

Scene 10: The chicken hunters start their search for the chickens, and Miranda explains her plan to capture them. Miranda: “These chickens are smart, but we’re smarter. We’ll use traps and our knowledge of the land to catch them.” The music is a tense and calculating melody with strings and brass.

Scene 11: The chickens encounter a group of friendly birds who offer to help them. The music is a cheerful and uplifting tune with woodwinds and harps.

Scene 12: The chicken hunters are getting closer, and the chickens are running out of options. Ginger comes up with a new plan. Ginger: “We’ll split up and take different paths. It’ll be harder for them to catch us that way.” The music is a tense and urgent melody with strings and percussion.

Scene 13: The chicken hunters almost capture the chickens, but they manage to escape using their intelligence and teamwork. The music is a triumphant and exhilarating tune with horns and drums.

Scene 14: The chickens finally reach a beautiful valley and decide to make it their new home. The music is a serene and peaceful melody with strings and piano.

Scene 15: Epilogue: The camera pans over the valley, showing the chickens living happily with their

new bird friends, enjoying their freedom and safety from Mr. Craven’s factory farm. Rocky is seen building a new airplane with the help of the chickens, who are all cheering him on.

Rocky: “This new airplane will take us on even more adventures!”

Ginger: “I think we’ve had enough adventure for now. Let’s just enjoy our new home.”

Babs: “And all the treats we can eat!”

The music is a joyous and uplifting tune with trumpets and strings.

Final Scene: The camera fades to black, and the credits roll. The music is a playful and whimsical tune with xylophones and bells.

End of Movie. – Chicken Run 2

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