Basics for advertising free

Basics for advertising free on internet in Pakistan

Basics for advertising free: Every business and organization wants to put its business or product range in front of its target audience. To reach that audience a platform is needed and this platform could be a social media website.

It could be a paid marketing platform like google ads but for that a dedicated person, strategy & huge funds are needed. This isn’t as easy as it looks; to solve this issue a platform is available & with user friendly attributes & that platform is called “Free Classified Websites”.

Exactly what you think it is, free advertising is a way to get your small business in front of customers. Online web based directories, blogging, and social media posts are all cost-free ways to reach your target audience.

Entrepreneurs can use free online advertising strategies to combat rising advertising costs. Your company won’t have to compete in a costly race to the bottom by using free alternatives to reach customers.


Development of your business profile & product portfolio is essential because to add a listing is easy but to remain in the eyes of potential buyers isn’t that ease because you are not the only one who is adding that free listing. For Example If we want to post an advertise regarding adhesive & double sided tapes so cannot simply post a listing like “Double sided tape for sale in Pakistan”.

This will be considered as a very general ad besides that if we create a listing with clear product description & targeted industry so this will definitely creates leads for you. A good ad will be3M VHB Double Sided Metal Cladding Tapes in Pakistan”. Now what we have highlighted here is the “Brand” which is 3M, “Product” which is VHB Metal Cladding & the selling “Region” which is Pakistan.

Basics for advertising free this is the key:

Your Profile & Contact information – seller’s visible profile with seller’s real photo & correct contact information like email or mobile number is essential. Because for a customer a genuine product & sellers credibility is very important. In this case a customer is making a contact so he will definitely ask four five questions like: Where are you located? do you still have this item in your stocks or available for sale? are you authorize to sell this item? can we meet in your office? what is your official website & banking details?

What really happening here is that classified ads are generating a potential lead for the seller. The rest of the thing is depending on the seller that how he secure & mature the lead. That’s why understanding of “Basics for advertising free” is very important.

The case study of My Interior Store ( 2019 – 2021

A 3M Distributor based in Karachi, Pakistan started its business in 2017 & initially the business was only catering products related to 3M. later on they added Led Lighting Portfolio to their business profile but that was their biggest failure. As in the last 10 months the lighting business was not able to generate business more than 100 thousand rupees. What really impacted that their online presence was “Zero” the in the first course of action they tried OLX, & Locanto. This course resulted in sale of 1000000 rupees in just 65 days. Just see the difference 100 thousand in 10 months & 1 million in 65 days. Free classified ads can really boost your business if you have right product for the right audience with clearly drafted description & title.

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