The 3M™ Safety Glasses 2840 Series

It is a line of protective eyewear designed to provide eye protection in various industrial and work environments.

According to 3M, the guidelines for using this product include:

  1. Read and understand all warnings and instructions before using the glasses
  2. Properly fit the glasses to ensure maximum protection
  3. Replace glasses if they are damaged or scratched
  4. Use only 3M replacement lenses and parts for maintenance

This product is used by a variety of organizations, including construction companies, manufacturing plants, and other industries where eye protection is required.

As for reviews, I would suggest checking online marketplaces or websites that specialize in safety equipment and PPE for customer feedback and ratings.

Here are some of the specifications of the 3M™ Safety Glasses 2840 Series:

  • Material: The frame of the glasses is made of durable polycarbonate material.
  • Lens: The lenses are made of clear polycarbonate material and are impact-resistant.
  • Style: The glasses have a sporty, wrap-around design.
  • Fit: The glasses have adjustable temples and a non-slip nose piece for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Features: The glasses offer 99.9% UV protection and are available with various lens tints, including indoor/outdoor, gray, and amber.
  • Standards: The glasses meet the impact requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2015.
Case Quantity20
Eyewear RangeComfort
Frame ColorSilver
Frame MaterialPolycarbonate
Lens CoatingAnti-scratch & Anti-fog, Anti-Scratch
Lens ColorShade 5.0 IR, Grey, Mirror, Clear
Lens Marking5.3M.1.FT, 5-2.5 3M, 1, FT, 5-1.7 3M 1 FT, 2C-1.2 3M 1 FT
Product Series2840 Series
Product TypeSafety Glasses
Recommended ApplicationWelding, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Forestry
Seal TypeNo Seal

Please note that specific models within the 3M™ Safety Glasses 2840 Series may have additional or different specifications, so it is best to refer to the product data sheets or consult with a 3M representative for more detailed information.

Failing to wear appropriate eye protection, such as the 3M™ Safety Glasses 2840 Series, can have serious consequences, including:

  1. Eye injury: Without proper eye protection, workers may be exposed to flying debris, dust, chemicals, and other hazards that can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness.
  2. Compliance issues: In many industries, wearing eye protection is required by OSHA regulations and other safety standards. Failing to comply with these regulations can result in fines and other penalties.
  3. Loss of productivity: Eye injuries can result in lost work time and decreased productivity.

It is important to prioritize eye safety in the workplace by using the appropriate eye protection, such as the 3M™ Safety Glasses 2840 Series, to prevent injuries and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

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