MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

MonsterInsights is a popular WordPress plugin that allows users to easily connect their website to Google Analytics and view important site statistics within their WordPress dashboard. The plugin offers a range of features, including real-time tracking, detailed visitor reports, and eCommerce tracking for online stores.

Recommended usage of this plugin includes:

  • Setting up and configuring Google Analytics for your website
  • Viewing detailed visitor reports, including information on demographics, location, and behavior
  • Tracking eCommerce transactions and revenue for online stores
  • Identifying top performing pages and posts
  • Tracking outbound link clicks, downloads, and affiliate link clicks

Many people use MonsterInsights to gain a better understanding of their website traffic and audience, which can help inform their content and marketing strategies. Additionally, eCommerce businesses often use the plugin to track sales and customer behavior, which can help them optimize their online store and increase conversions.

MonsterInsights is a free version of the plugin, while MonsterInsights Pro is a paid upgrade that offers additional features and functionality.

The main differences between the two versions include:

  • The free version of MonsterInsights allows you to connect your website to Google Analytics and view basic site statistics in your WordPress dashboard.
  • The Pro version offers additional features such as real-time tracking, detailed visitor reports, eCommerce tracking, and custom dimension tracking.
  • The Pro version also allows you to track outbound link clicks, downloads, and affiliate link clicks.
  • Pro version also offers you to track forms and events, and you can also see the reports on your WordPress Dashboard.
  • The Pro version includes access to priority support and regular updates.

Overall, the Pro version of MonsterInsights offers more advanced analytics and tracking options, making it a better choice for businesses and professional website owners who want more detailed insights into their website traffic and audience.

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