Classic Editor Plugin for WordPress

It is a plugin that allows users to restore the classic editing experience for the WordPress block editor (also known as Gutenberg). The plugin is useful for users who prefer the classic editor or who have existing content created with the classic editor that they want to continue using. Some users may find the block editor interface confusing or difficult to use, so the Classic Editor plugin allows them to continue using the familiar editing interface. Additionally, people who are using legacy themes or plugins that are not yet compatible with the block editor can use the Classic Editor to continue to use those themes and plugins.

  1. Easy to use and familiar interface
  2. Supports adding media, blocks, and HTML code
  3. Option to switch to the block editor
  4. Supports all post types and page templates
  5. Customizable options for post and page editing
  6. User-friendly TinyMCE visual editor
  7. Full-screen editing mode available.

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