A guide to Loco Translate plugin for WordPress

Loco Translate is a plugin that helps users translate WordPress themes and plugins into different languages. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating and managing translations for any text in a WordPress site, including themes, plugins, and widgets.

The plugin works by creating translation files for each language you want to support. These files are stored in a special folder within your WordPress installation, separate from the original source code. When a user visits your site, the plugin automatically selects the appropriate translation file based on the user’s preferred language.

As for guidelines, here are some best practices for using the Loco Translate plugin:

  1. Make sure your theme and plugins are internationalizable (i18n) ready before translating.
  2. Always back up your site before making any changes.
  3. Use the plugin’s built-in editor to translate text, or you can use POEdit, a popular translation editor, to edit your translation files.
  4. Test your translations thoroughly to make sure they look and function as expected.

People are using the Loco Translate plugin to make their WordPress sites multilingual, which can be useful for businesses with a global audience or for personal sites that want to reach a wider audience.

Loco Translate Pro is a premium version of the Loco Translate plugin for WordPress. It provides additional features and enhancements over the free version, including:

  1. Automatic updates: The Pro version automatically updates the translation files whenever the source text changes.
  2. Translation suggestions: The Pro version includes a translation suggestions feature that uses machine translation to suggest translations based on existing translations.
  3. Translation validation: The Pro version includes a validation feature that checks the quality of the translations and highlights any issues.
  4. Professional translation services: The Pro version includes access to professional translation services provided by Loco, allowing users to get their translations done by professional translators.
  5. Priority support: The Pro version includes priority support, allowing users to receive faster and more detailed support from the Loco team.

Overall, the Loco Translate Pro plugin is a great choice for WordPress users who need a more comprehensive and professional solution for managing their translations.

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