A Guide to install 3M P18 Silver Sun Control Film

3M P18 Silver Sun Control Film is a window film product made by 3M that is designed to reduce solar heat gain and glare, while also providing UV protection. The film is made of a high-quality polyester material that is coated with a layer of metallic particles to reflect the sun’s rays.

The recommended application process for 3M window films is as follows:

Clean the window thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, or debris.

Measure the window and cut the film to the appropriate size, leaving a few inches of overlap on all sides.

Spray the window with a solution of water and a small amount of mild detergent to help the film adhere.

Peel the backing off the film, and carefully position it on the window.

Use a squeegee to remove any bubbles or wrinkles in the film.

Use a sharp blade to trim the edges of the film flush with the window frame.

Best practices to apply window films on glass include:

Always use a professional to install the film, to ensure that it is applied correctly and without bubbles.

Always use the appropriate application solution, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Always use high-quality tools, such as a squeegee or blade, to avoid scratches or damage to the film.

Always use the right type of film for the application, as some films are intended for residential use, while others are intended for commercial use.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, as each type of film may have its own specific application process.

Always do a test piece before applying to the whole window to make sure you are happy with the final result.

Always consider the orientation and the sun exposure of the window before applying the film, to make sure it will perform effectively.

In summary, always use a professional, use the appropriate solution, use quality tools, use the right type of film, follow manufacturer’s instructions, do a test piece and consider the orientation and sun exposure of the window.


Overall Length (Metric)30.5 Meter
Product ColorSilver
Product UsageBuildings
Visible Light Transmittance (%)18 Percent
Overall Width (Metric)1.52 Meter – 60 in x 100 ft

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