The concept of Dajjal in Islam

In Islam, the concept of Dajjal refers to an individual who is believed to be a false messiah or a false prophet who will appear before the end of times. The word “Dajjal” comes from the Arabic word “dajl” which means “deception” or “deceit.” According to Islamic belief, Dajjal will be a powerful and deceptive figure who will claim to be the messiah and will try to lead people away from the true faith.

Dajjal is often described in Islamic literature as having one eye and being blind in the other eye, and he is believed to have the power to perform miracles, such as bringing the dead back to life. He is also believed to be accompanied by a group of followers, known as the “Armed Forces of Dajjal,” who will help him deceive people.

The Hadiths (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad) mention a lot about Dajjal and his characteristics, the signs of his arrival and how Muslims should deal with him. According to Hadiths, Dajjal will appear before the Day of Judgment, and his appearance will be one of the major signs of the end of times.

There are many Hadiths regarding Dajjal in the Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the two most authentic books of Hadiths. Some of these Hadiths describe the physical characteristics of Dajjal, such as his one eye, and some describe his powers and the miracles he will perform. Other Hadiths describe the events that will occur before and during Dajjal’s appearance, such as the rise of the Antichrist, the coming of the Mahdi (a figure who will help bring about the end of times), and the return of Jesus.

Overall, Dajjal is considered to be a major figure in Islamic eschatology, and the belief in Dajjal is considered to be an essential part of Islamic belief. According to Hadiths, Dajjal is a powerful figure who will appear before the end of times to deceive people, but Muslims are warned to be aware of him and to remain steadfast in their faith in order to avoid being deceived by him.

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